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General Reference

Need A Great Video Presentation For Elected Officials?

"Chronicle of the Billboard Wars" Documentary

The blightfighters.org website features video chapters from this on-going documentary that scenic advocate and nationally respected video producer Ossian Or is creating as he travels across America to places where these battles are being fought. To date, five chapters are posted including the impressive victories by the citizens of Rapid City, SD and Tacoma, WA who stopped digital billboard proliferation in its tracks at the city level. Their successes have inspired others to take on the challenge like St. Petersburg, FL. where the City Council got the strong message from the public that digital billboards are not wanted there.

New To The Subject? START HERE!

This excellent Scenic America's Brochure is organized to help you sort through all of the issues and considerations. Digital Billboards are an extremely complex issue and this piece can equip you with a solid foundation for meetings and give you a basis to fully understand various governmental, citizen and industry arguments on this issue.

La Crosse County Reference

County Map

For a good map of the county showing highways and municipalities please click here (.pdf).

Comprehensive Plans

County Plans

Complete information about the La Crosse County Comprehensive Plan can be found on their website.

Town Plans

Download each town's comprehensive plan in .pdf format or visit their website using these links:

County's Economic Development Brochure


Additional City, Village and Town Websites






Village of Rockland














La Crosse County Website

Please visit the county website for additional information and resources.

Wisconsin Reference

Government Contact Information

Don't Know Who Represents You?  Legislative Lookup
District Maps: Legislative Map Site
Senate: Senate Website
General Assembly: House Website
General Information: Legislative Website

Legislative Hotline
Local Madison Number: 609-266-9960
Statewide Toll-Free: 800-362-9472
Hearing Impaired: 800-228-2115

Links To Outdoor Advertising Laws And Rules In Wisconsin

WisDOT Rules Outdoor Advertising - Click Here

WI Statute 84.30 Regulation of Outdoor Advertising - Click Here

WI Statute 84.305 Vegetation Obstructing View of Outdoor Advertising Signs - Click Here

WI Admin Code Chapter Trans 201 Control of Outdoor Advertising Along and Visible from Highways on the Interstate and Federal-Aide Primary Systems - Click Here

Related Federal Law on Highway Beautification - Click Here to see

This is USC Title 23--Highways

Newsletters - Archive

Forgot where you saw "that"? It might be from one of our newsletters, so we keep them handy on our newsletter page to let you find information from past issues.

Wisconsin Mainstreet Program

Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsin understands the importance of preserving and protecting downtown districts in communities large and small. The majority of our citizens live and work in urban settings and the economic and social vitality of a community is shaped in large part by the curb appeal and character in our downtowns.

The Wisconsin Mainstreet Program assists communities develop and implement revitalization programs to help revitalize these important community assets.

CSW Policy Statements

CSW Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are becoming more of an issue as the cost of these technological innovations comes down and concern over carbon fueled generators goes up. Generally people like the idea of wind turbines as an alternative energy source because it is relatively clean, but few want one in their backyard or places they consider sensitive.

Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsin has developed a Policy Statement: Wind Energy Turbines on Towers to address these concerns.

Shoreland Preservation

Support for Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Draft to WI Administrative Code NR115 regarding shoreland preservation.