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What Local Residents and Business People Are Saying

Several hundred people have contacted La Crosse County Board and City Council members, and have attended and/or spoken at meetings throughout the county. They’ve expressed anger about conversion of the Hwy 16 billboard to electronic, and the excess of signs and billboard of all types in our area. They want improved legislation for outdoor signs.

The result has been moratoriums on new billboards and signs for six months in La Crosse County, and up to twelve months in the City of La Crosse in order to study the issue.

Partial list of concerns expressed by residents and business owners:

• Opening one’s curtains to a destroyed view without notice or recourse. Feeling helpless!

• Anger about the number of billboards and signs destroying our scenic city and county.

• Destruction of our scenic beauty and impact on attracting new residents, businesses, and tourists.

• Limits business, home, office, and apartment development that creates new tax base and jobs. Who wants to
build or buy near a billboard? “Billboards lead to urban blight.”

• Blinking, flashing and traveling messages on electronic signs appearing along streets are annoying and stressful.

• Effects on enjoyment of the LaX River Marsh, Hixon Forest overlooks, and Grandad Bluff overlook.

• “Ugliness” of Rose St. and Copeland Ave. due to excess of signs and billboards, our “gateway” to La Crosse?

• Gambling, alcohol, fast-food, Pepsi, and other signs in the marsh and along the bluffs on Hwy 16 entry to LaX.

• Business owners wanting more attractive signs in the area yet concerned about the impact of speaking up on
their relations with fellow business owners.

• Commercial property owner unable to sell property because of presence of billboard.

• Apartment manager concerned about impact on renting units facing future electronic signs.

• Lower property values especially to homes and businesses adjacent to the billboard.

• Safety concerns in high-traffic areas. Electronic signs are designed to take your eyes off the road.

• Health effects (including stress) of constantly changing lights to neighbors, drivers, and hikers. Compare it to
driving on a country road.

• Affects of lights on marsh wildlife, migration patterns, etc.

• Light pollution. “It’s never dark in my yard.”

• Electronic billboards use about 46 times the energy of a standard billboard and almost 30 times the average
home; and require air-conditioners to cool the LED bulbs in warm weather. Millions of LED lightbulbs in land-fills.

• Effect on future of Myrick Eco-Park as a new nature-oriented tourist destination.

• The threat of “electronic sign creep” like we have seen conventional sign creep.

• Letting advertisers know how people feel about billboards.

• Seeing beyond this devastating issue for neighbors to what is best for the future of La Crosse County.

NOTE: You can PRINT a leaflet version of the information on this page by clicking here to obtain the file (pdf).