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Who are we?

Scenic La Crosse is a group of Coulee Region residents dedicated to preserving and enhancing the scenic character of the La Crosse area.
The coalition's members have no political or pecuniary interest in this subject other than as it affects them and their fellow residents.
We organized in the summer of 2011 in response to the construction of the first digital billboard in the area, and concern over the increasing number of electronic signs. We are working toward improved legislation that will protect residents and property values, promote safety, and enhance business and tourism in "God's Country."

Our Goals Are Simple:



3. Reasonable standards for on-premises digital LED signs that protect Residential Districts, Public Facilities & Institutional Districts, and Agricultural and Conservancy Districts.

As most people in the County know by now, without any notice to the neighbors, a 1,344 sqf off-premises sign (billboard) was erected in 2007 by the Monegan Overhead on State Highway 16 in the Town of Medary. It was possible to do because the parcel had been rezoned to commercial for a carpenter shop, and La Crosse County deferred to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) for the regulation of outdoor advertising adjacent to State Highway 16.

The static billboard was bad enough when in May of 2011, and again without notice to the neighbors, it was converted to a digital LED billboard. This digital LED billboard has some 500,000 LEDs on each side that change the message every 8 seconds of every hour of every day.

This digital LED billboard is only some 335 feet to the nearest home on Milson Ct and at the base of a bluff by the La Crosse River Marsh. It is totally out of place and does not fit the character of the community. The billboard company benefits at the expense of the neighboring property owners and the rest of the community.

And only a few years ago, a large digital LED on-premises sign was erected by a truck repair shop adjacent to I-90 in the Town of Bangor. The valley where this facility is located is home to some of the finest farmland in La Crosse County,  and this sign that flashes a new message every 2 seconds is completely out of place with the agricultural and natural character of the valley.

Be sure to take action on this important issue by visiting this site for updates, contacting your elected representatives and joining us in the fight to stop new digital signs.